Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Practising Teacher Criteria Staff Meeting

  • I lead a staff meeting about the Practising Teacher Criteria. 
  • I constructed this set of Google Slides as a resource for teachers to refer to as they were learning and to refer to after I had left, making the session rewindable.
  • We completed a Story Hui Process to help us identify which PTC our practice shared.
  • We talked of labelling blog posts with PTC1, PCT2, PCT4 etc so that, over time there would be a rich resource bank of evidence for Practising Teacher Criteria

So What?
  • In the presentation I started with a whakatauki that supported the work that was yet to come- that as beginners we might find all this blogging business as challenging but if we all work together and support one another a collective understanding will prevail.
  • By leading the staff meeting in this way I was able to demonstrate my leadership in a professional way, with positive feedback on the usefulness and relevancy of the presentation and examples shared.
  • Before, during and after the meeting I made myself available to all the participants for support and encouragement. Participants were given a paper link to the presentation and invited to save a copy of it to their own Google Account so that they can find it again for reference

Now What?
  • I decided to build this blog into more than a just a demo of how evidencing PTC might work.
  • I added the actual text of the PTC as Pages along the top of the blog so people could easily copy the text rather than having to refer to the PDF of the Practising Teacher Criteria.
  • I will endeavour to add to this blog over time to build it as a resource for both myself and others who may wish to view it.

I think in doing this it supported 
  • PTC 1 - Establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga.
  • PTC 2 - Demonstrate commitment to promoting the well-being of all ākonga
    by complying with relevant regulatory and statutory requirements
  • PTC4- Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice by initiating learning opportunities to advance personal professional knowledge and skills

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